Recent Work

Ambios was involved as a project partner in a successful application to the North East of England Regional Agency for a grant from their Skills Development Fund.
We provided project management and NVQ support to a partnership lead by the Newcastle Centre for Learning and involving the Northumberland Wildlife. The project provided work placed training for those wishing to begin a career in wildlife conservation management. This training was underpinned by the provision of vocational competencies from the Environmental Conservation NVQ as well as the CLAIT Information Technology qualification. The project also developed an internet resource to support learners and guide them to employment.

The Kittiwake project was funded by the South West of England Agency from their Skills Development. It focused on providing an internet resource for use by those involved in Coastal Zone Management around the South West of England.
Kittiwake also provided training opportunities for those wishing to gain credit for vocational competencies relevant to working with wildlife and environment within the coastal zone. The project began lobbying for a change to the existing National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Environmental Conservation to enable those involved in Coastal Zone Management to have access to a relevant qualification (at the time, the qualification did not have a pathway for Coastal Zone Managers as it was focused on terrestrial competencies). As a result of continued lobbying by Ambios, during the time of project Skylark the NVQ as revised to create a pathway for Coastal Zone Managers to achieve an entire award.